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Blessing the Passaic River, January 6, 2020

We thank Mayor Richard Rigolioso, Town  Manager Tom Duch, and the Chief and Officers of the Garfield Police Force for their hospitality as we blessed the Passaic River from the Thomas J. Duch River Walk in Garfield today for the feast of the Theophany.

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THEOPHANY 2020: Great Sanctification of Water

We bless water every year on the feast of the Theophany to commemorate our Lord's baptism in the Jordan, the revelation of the Holy Trinity, and the renewal of our own baptism.  Father then brings the newly-blessed Jordan water to parishioners' homes over the course of the month for a special house blessing.


We were delighted to welcome our neighbors from around Passaic to give thanks to God.  Bishop Kurt presided, Fr. Jack served the Moleben, Subdeacon Bryan Scotton and Pastor Brendan Gillen proclaimed readings, and Fr. Michael Fill of St John's Episcopal C - 11/24/2019

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What a wonderful day celebrating 129 years of faith, life, worship, and service!  Thank you to all who helped make this day possible!

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Breakfast with St Nicholas, December 7, 2019