Items marked * also available frozen

Pyrohy  by the dozen             $7.00


Sauerkraut* Lekvar* Spinach*

Holubky   4 per package        $12.00*

Cabbage rolls

Halušky    12 oz. container     $4.00

Home-made noodles sautéed with sweet cabbage and onions


Kolbasa   4 oz portion            $4.00

Served with sautéed kapusta   

Kolači     Pastry rolls             $15.00*

walnut, poppyseed, prune lekvar or apricot filling

Paska        Rich sweet bread

With or without raisins

      Large  $7.00*

      Small  $4.00*

Hot Combination Platter: $10.00

Kolbasa, 3 pyrohy, 1 cabbage roll

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